If you like music trivia and metal music than we've got a fun new game for you. This new game from STATTOGORIES has you guess which metal song has more plays on Spotify.

Gareth Evans, the creator of the stat-based game website, is also behind this new game.

"I wanted to make something fun out the songs stats in the platform as a way of entertaining people about peoples listening habits and surprise people about certain songs popularity. The Spotify game mode is one of the most popular game modes on STATTOGORIES." says Evans (via Metal Injection). And there was also a personal reason behind creating this neat way to waste time at work, apparently. "I have created the new Metal category mainly so my father-in-law has a game mode he can enjoy. I'm looking forward to hearing the highest score he and the entire metal music community can score."

It works like so: Two metal songs pop up on a split screen. Pick the one you think had more streams. Get it right and one song stays up and another slides in. Repeat until you get it wrong.

For instance, our first try. "Guerilla Radio" by Rage Against the Machine or "Poison" by Alice Cooper were the choices. We picked "Guerilla Radio." We were wrong. "Guerilla Radio" has only been streamed 190,624,759 times to "Poison"'s 318,347,138.

A meme of Eminem shaking his head appeared, shaming us. So we played again.

"Forty Six & 2" by Tool or "Stricken" by Disturbed? Tool? "Forty Six & 2?" Nope. "Stricken" by 20 million streams or so.. and a nonplussed Kanye meme appears.

This cycle of defeat was broken the next try when we were able to correctly guess that Megadeth's "A Tout Le Monde" was played more than Deftones' "Cherry Waves."

We ran it up to five in a row before bonking out on a Pantera vs. Rammstein dilemma.  Easy. Fun. We like it. Click and play here. Totally SFW.

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