Everyone has to start somewhere, and with the new Spotify Landmark documentary series Metallica: The Early Years, fans will get a chance to look back on the start of the band's career. Spotify's first music documentary will debut on Aug. 18 and will spool out over four episodes.

A description for the series reads as follows: "Metallica: The Early Years celebrates penpals, the birth of thrash metal, heavy-riffing cellists, and the origins of one of rock's most influential bands. Focusing on the period from band's formation in 1981 through the release of 1984's Ride The Lighting, each chapter features candid interviews, rare archival footage, messed-up animations from Anthony Schepperd, and unusual context showcasing the strange ways Metallica's tentacles continue to worm their way through our collective unconscious."

In the trailer above, you can see Zara Larsson drummer Patty Anne Miller taking on some of Lars Ulrich's past work, while James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett also offer commentary. Hetfield recalls, "When I met Lars, yeah, he was pretty much a stinky European kid and he introduced me to a whole other world of music," while Ulrich reflects on Hetfield as being "awkward." So look for Metallica: The Early Years, coming to Spotify on Aug. 18.

In other Metallica news, the band is turning over at least one part of their set list in Minneapolis to the fans. The group will play the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis this Saturday (Aug. 20) and they've given fans five "deeper" cuts to choose from, with the one receiving the most votes being worked into the set. The songs are "The Four Horsemen," "Ride the Lightning," "Leper Messiah," "Harvester of Sorrow" and "Holier Than Thou."

Voting for the poll is taking place here and will continue through Aug. 18 at 10AM PT. And remember, Saturday's performance from Minneapolis will be streamed via Pandora and LiveMetallica.com.

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