How great would it have been to say that you were there when Metallica played their first ever European headlining show? Luckily, a Dutch TV documentary crew has brought that experience to Metallica fans of all ages, from all parts of the globe. The documentary, titled 'How Metallica Raised Hell in De Westereen,' recently aired on Dutch television.

The 30-minute film, which can be seen above, includes new interviews with Metallica's Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich, as well as other key players who were involved in the June 9, 1984 performance.

"I clearly remember the venue," says Hammett. I remember that from the dressing rooms, Cliff [Burton] and I watched Twisted Sister play. And we thought that it was the greatest thing, because it was the first time we were on tour in Europe with another band who was American." Ulrich adds that at the time, Twisted Sister were enjoying great success in America, so they felt honored to be at the same level of the Dee Snider-led outfit.

Metallica's members have been in the public eye quite a bit this summer, playing shows around the world and turning up in a new ESPN commercial. But this fall, the group is expected to return to the studio and focus on their next album.

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