The first Winter chills may not have hit quite yet, but Metallica have wasted no time announcing the release of official holiday sweaters. They're ugly, they're festive, they're jam-packed with Metallica symbolism and the heinous garments are soon to become available.

Last year, fellow 'Big 4' thrash legends Slayer unveiled their own ugly Christmas sweaters, which sold out in a heartbeat. Victory Records also released a line of sweaters, featuring acts Emmure, Otep, Continents, The Bunny The Bear, Close Your Eyes and even one with the label's trademark bulldog. Perhaps after seeing the success of these Christmas-inspired business ventures, Metallica decided to make their very own unbearably gruesome sweaters.

Although not yet available, Metallica teased the release of their sweaters via Facebook:

As you can see, a ton of Metallica insignia will be sewed into these awesome abominations, including artwork from 'Master of Puppets,' the 'Load'-era emblem, the band's 'Kill 'Em All'-era logo and the 3D Metallica logo first seen on 'Ride the Lightning.'

Keep checking back at Metallica's official online store to grab your very own Christmas sweater! For now, get ready for the IMAX 3D launch of Metallica's 'Through the Never' concert film on Sept. 27. The film will hit regular theaters on Oct. 4.