As Metallica's 'Through the Never' concert film is nearing closer and closer to a theatrical release, even more footage has been unveiled to tease the movie. We've seen a bunch of behind-the-scenes trailers recently, and in addition to one more detailing the set design for '…And Justice for All,' Metallica have unleashed a full performance of 'Master of Puppets' straight from the film itself (watch above).

Metallica began revealing behind-the-scenes looks of 'Through the Never' a few weeks ago, unveiling a barrage of fascinating clips since. However, the release of 'Master of Puppets' live is an extra special treat for fans.

'Through the Never' doesn't just depict a live Metallica performance, the film also features a running narrative that is present throughout. If you're curious about how exactly the concept manifests, the 'Master of Puppets' footage will answer many of your questions. The clip is somewhat schizophrenic, as the movie cuts back and forth from the concert to the narrative, but it also gives a "big picture feel" to the viewer.

Along with the 'Master of Puppets' performance, Metallica have unleashed a look at their set design for '…And Justice for All.' The band's famous 'Doris' broken justice artwork, which has been used as a statue in past Metallica performances, is now about three times the size. Even more impressive, the destruction of Doris is super high-tech and was achieved through an incredible amount of trial and error.

Check out both new 'Through the Never' clips at the top and bottom of this post! The movie hits IMAX theaters on Sept. 27 and regular 3D screens on Oct. 4.

Metallica - 'Doris' Behind the Scenes Clip

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