The 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards are officially in the books, and as the votes piled in for Best Drummer of the Year, it became a close race between Mike Portnoy and Chris Adler, with Portnoy ultimately winning the honor.

Portnoy, of course, had a busy year as always, sitting behind the kit for his power trio The Winery Dogs, Twisted Sister's farewell tour and in the studio, laying down work on new the double album from the Neal Morse Band as well as Metal Allegiance's Fallen Heroes EP. Oh, and who forget his obliteration of the Pokemon kit at the Loudwire studio? You can check that out below.

For most, this schedule looks to be too hectic to keep, but for Portnoy, it's pretty much the standard year. Runner-up Chris Adler was also active in multiple groups as he was with Megadeth at the beginning of the year, contributing to their Dystopia record. However, touring with both Megadeth and Lamb of God became problematic and he has since departed the group.

Congrats to Mike Portnoy for winning Best Drummer of the Year in the 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards. See the results for the Best Drummer of the Year below and thanks for voting!

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