Mike Shinoda recently announced an ambitious move for his Twitch channel, agreeing to produce some of his fans' music live. Letting fans also be the arbiter of which artists were worth Shinoda working with, the musician has begun his live producing sessions.

A new session featuring Chris Kelly and his song "Bittersweet" took place on Thursday (Jan. 14), the first session dedicated to one of the tracks that was brought to the Linkin Park musician's attention by his fans. It's an interesting look behind the curtain of a producer as Shinoda continues to tinker with that track until settling on a final version. The session, which clocks in at around two and a half hours, can be viewed at this location.

Shinoda is continuing his production efforts, turning his attention to Alex McMillan today (Jan. 15). As Shinoda teased at the end of his first producing session, McMillan's track is more of an alternative rock song and he actually challenged the musician with his entry.

McMillan teased the upcoming session on his Twitter account. "I'm so excited to see how it goes and I'd love you to be able to watch it as well so please do come along," stated the singer. "I first and foremost want to say a massive thank you to Mike for this opportunity. It's a super generous project that he started up and I couldn't have believed this was possible."

You can watch McMillan's session live today at 1PM ET / 10AM ET at Shinoda's Twitch channel. Tune in live and stay tuned as he continues to producing more artists.

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