With the release of their latest single, "Forever Sleep," Moon Fever guitarist Mitch Micoley joined Chuck Armstrong on Loudwire Nights to discuss the track and what bigger thing it might be pointing toward.

"This is probably the most exciting song I think we've put together," Micoley said almost immediately. "I've been wanting to put this song out for a very long time, so I'm very excited it's finally coming out. I'm super stoked."

Micoley said Moon Fever recorded "Forever Sleep" early last year, but they kept it "in the coffers" until the time was right to release it.

"This is a riff I came up with years and years and years ago," Micoley explained. "It was just a weird voice memo late at night in the house. I found the actual original recording of it — it's very silly, it's like me half asleep."

He admitted that the riff was originally going to be a little melody, but it ended up being much bigger after frontman Triston Bracht "did his thing on it."

"It became what it became," Micoley said. "Tristan had lyrics ready for it I think when he came in for his audition, he had most of that song written. He came in and I'm like, 'Oh man,' and he was like, 'Dude, I got a great feeling about this song.' As soon as he did his part, I'm like, 'Done, bro. This is it.'"

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As Moon Fever have been releasing several individual tracks over the last year, many fans are curious what the latest song might be pointing toward. Though he didn't share many details, he did make one statement that will keep fans excited and ready for more new music.

"I will say I have a pretty good feeling that this year we'll have an LP out."

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