Today (May 15) marks the 25th anniversary of the classic Motley Crue album 'Girls, Girls, Girls.' The album's significance not only comes from the quality of its contents, but also from the aesthetic and creative change the band made -- going from lace to leather.

As described by Ultimate Classic Rock, "The disc chronicles a dark period during the band’s career, steeped in heavy drug use, alcohol, and general debauchery and dysfunction as their lives played out in the seedy underworld of Los Angeles — one they helped personally craft. It marks a time when the band was fighting just to stay together and stay alive, let alone put forth their best music — but in the end, they managed to do a little of both."

Containing the classic 'Wild Side,' the controversial power ballad 'You're All I Need' and the legendary title track, 'Girls, Girls, Girls' debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and has since sold well over 4 million copies in the US.

To celebrate the landmark Motley Crue album, we want to know which track from 'Girls, Girls, Girls' is your all-time favorite. Pop on into your local strip club, give it some thought while you're handing out singles and vote on your favorite song in our poll below.

Also, check out a detailed introspective of the landmark album on Ultimate Classic Rock.