Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx has been involved in various wars of words lately, including battles with Godsmack and Sebastian Bach. Now, Sixx has completed a verbal hat trick, firing back at Stryper's Michael Sweet after the Christian rock frontman questioned the validity of Nikki Sixx's autobiography.

Sweet recently penned his own autobiography, 'Honestly: My Life and Stryper Revealed.' While promoting the book in an interview with Music Enthusiast Magazine, he compared the "honest" nature of his book to that of Nikki Sixx and Motley Crue. “Is it as controversial as Motley Crue? No, but I think half of what we hear about Motley Crue is B.S. anyway, like when you hear stories about Nikki Sixx dying three times and whatnot. It’s like, ‘How stretched is that?’,” Sweet asks.

The Stryper frontman continues, “I don’t know, man! [Laughs] Nothing against Nikki Sixx. Half of the stuff I read in these autobiographies I just kind of roll my eyes at, because I just think that a lot of these guys just did so many drugs and drank so much booze that their minds aren’t too clear in terms of remembering the past exactly as it went down. I hope that doesn’t come across as me being a jerk, but you’re probably not going to find in my book what you might find in a Motley Crue book, and that’s a good thing! [Laughs]”

In response to Sweet, Nikki Sixx posted the following statement on Facebook: "Non addicts talking s--t about people who have fought for their live's to beat their addiction." See the full Facebook post below:


To order a copy of Michael Sweet's book, head over to the rocker's official webstore.