Motley Crue is dropping by the ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ show on CNN on Thursday, Dec. 1, at 9PM ET to announce some big news, and leading up to that, they are dropping daily clues for fans to keep them guessing.

The first clue was simply the word ‘MOST’ sporting the signature Motley umlaut over the 'O,' with the ‘S’ showcased in red while the rest of the text was black. Check it out below.

Today, Nikki Sixx posted another hint on his Facebook page, saying, “Your guesses were good for something else, but not for this. If we went back in "history" and it was a rattlesnake it would of bit you in the ass. The hint couldn't be any clearer if it was the nose on your face. Let me make this clearer for you, any ideas now?”

To accompany the hint, he posted a photo of himself sporting shades and wearing a t-shirt that said, “Headless Body in a Topless Bar.”

Speculators think the announcement may have to do with the rumor that the band has inked a deal with the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel for a residency that would see the band playing a series concerts at the casino, as reported by the Las Vegas Sun.

But anything is possible. Perhaps the much anticipated movie based on the band’s book ‘The Dirt’ is finally going to make it to the big screen? Maybe there’s a new album in the works? Maybe Mick Mars is the new judge on 'America’s Got Talent'? Guess we’ll have to wait until Thursday for the official word!

What do YOU think the big news is?

The first clue: