I think we can all agree that Motorhead are "superbad," but did you know they've got soul? Thanks to YouTuber Bill McClintock who specializes in mashups, Lemmy and crew definitely do with an assist from James Brown.

It's should come as no surprise that these two high energy acts work well together. The pure hard rocking, live wire vibe on Motorhead sets the pace, while Brown's exclamations just punctuate the standout moments. It's primarily Motorhead's "Overkill" providing the musical base, with a bit of "Ace of Spades" thrown in for good measure, while Brown makes his bold declarations singing "Superbad."

McClintock has a wealth of mashups online, including some inspired pairings like Marilyn Manson with Mariah Carey, Slipknot with the Spice Girls and Judas Priest with Michael Jackson. Check out his channel here.

The "James Brotorhead" mashup, dubbed "Superkill," even features video footage of the two acts. See how it all comes together in the clip below.

James Brotorhead, "Superkill" (Bill McClintock Mashup)

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