Motorhead frontman/bassist/badass Lemmy Kilmister, a rock 'n' roll outlaw and legend among mere mortals, is known for speaking his mind, albeit in a whiskey-ravaged, gravelly voice. That's just what the Lemster did in a recent chat with Artisan News Service, which polled fans for questions, selecting two to present to Lemmy for the 'Ask the Artist' segment. The first was about Lemmy's consumption of libations, while the other was about the possibility of reuniting with former members, drummer Phil Taylor and guitarist Eddie Clarke.

Regarding Lemmy's drinking, a fan asked, "Have you ever lied about your legendary alcohol consumption?" While Lemmy was at a bar while filming this interview, he was matter-of-fact, saying, "No, I haven't said anything about it. People in the press have said things about it. I never said a word. I drink a couple Jack Daniels a day. I never said anything else." There you have it.

The second question posed was this: "Will you ever do a reunion tour with Phil and Eddie?" Lemmy was also forthright, saying, "Why should I put this band on hold? Both of these guys have been in the band longer than those two." He is referring to his current (and long-running) bandmates, drummer Mikkey Dee and guitarist Phil Campbell.

While Lem is loyal to his longtime bandmates, he did concede that perhaps his ex-bandmates aren't interested in taking up residence in Motorhead again, anyway. He said, "I don't even now if those guys want to play anymore or if they want to play with me anymore. They probably don't."

He continued, "Phil's quite sick. I have to find out how he is...As far as touring, no, I don't see why I should. That is nostalgia, pure and simple. We've been playing constantly...It wouldn't be fair."

So we learned that Lemmy Kilmister doesn't talk about his drinking and that he is a standup guy who sticks by his crew. It's just further proof of why Lemmy is so freakin' cool and a heavy metal icon.

Watch Lemmy Kilmister Talk Drinking + Ex-Bandmates

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