2013 was a difficult year for Lemmy Kilmister as the Motorhead legend dealt with a couple of health issues that significantly limited his ability to tour in support of the band's 'Aftershock' album. But it's during the hard times that you learn who your friends are and Lemmy credits a well-known guitar great for his continued support.

Slash was reportedly a frequent guest at the Motorhead frontman's home. Kilmister tells Rolling Stone, "He was at my house more than he's ever been before, encouraging me. He's a really f---ing good guy." Last August, shortly after Motorhead's shortened Wacken performance, it was Slash who offered up news that he had visited Lemmy and that he was doing well and approaching the end of recording for the 'Aftershock' album.

Their friendship has carried over onto the stage as Motorhead made a triumphant return this spring. Slash joined the band for performances at both a Los Angeles gig and then at Coachella.

As for his current state, Kilmister says he's much better after the health issues that plagued him last year. The 68-year-old rocker explained, "I've still got a few bugs in me. Don't look forward to my demise just yet."

Motorhead have returned to the road in support of 'Aftershock' and Kilmister says he's particularly focused on making a better showing in Wacken, Germany this year. Lemmy says, "I felt really bad about that, but there was nothing I could do. I'm looking forward to making that right."

The band is also set to rock the Motorboat Cruise with Megadeth, Anthrax and more. For details, click here.

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