When Motorhead say "The World Is Ours,' they mean it. Earlier this year, the group issued 'The World Is Ours: Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else.' The disc was meant to showcase their live prowess, and they used an especially solid performance from Santiago, Chile.

Now comes word from the band's website that 'The World Is Ours - Vol 2' is in the works. This effort, subtitled 'Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else,' was filmed at the band's 2011 Wacken Open Air headlining performance and also includes highlights from the Sonisphere and Rock in Rio performances in the U.K. and Brazil respectively.

At present, the latest live document is due in Germany Sept. 21 and three days later in the rest of Europe, with the U.S. finally receiving the effort on Oct. 9. The collection will be available as a digipak (DVD plus two CDs), a double-disc CD, a double vinyl (featuring the Wacken Open Air show), on Blu-Ray, and as a direct-to-consumer release featuring the two CDs, a DVD/Blu-Ray and a special booklet.

Motorhead are currently spending their summer playing the Main Stage as part of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival, serving as third billed behind Slipknot and Slayer.

Motorhead's 'The World Is Ours - Vol. 2: Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else' Track Listing:

Wacken Open Air - Aug. 8, 2011 in Wacken, Germany
1. 'Iron Fist'
2. 'Stay Clean
3. 'Get Back in Line'
4. 'Metropolis'
5. 'Over the Top'
6. 'One Night Stand'
7. 'Rock Out'
8. 'The Thousand Names of God'
9. 'I Know How to Die'
10. 'The Chase Is Better Than the Catch'
11. 'In the Name of Tragedy'
12. 'Just 'Cos You Got the Power'
13. 'Going to Brazil'
14. 'Killed by Death'
15. 'Bomber'
16. 'Ace of Spades'
17. 'Overkill'

Sonisphere Festival - July 10, 2011 in the U.K.
1. 'Iron Fist'
2. 'I Know How to Die'
3. 'In the Name of Tragedy'
4. 'Killed by Death'
5. 'Ace of Spades'
6. 'Overkill'

Rock in Rio - Sept. 25, 2011 in Brazil
1. 'Stay Clean'
2. 'Over the Top'
3. 'The Chase Is Better Than the Catch'
4. 'Going to Brazil'
5. 'Killed to Death'

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