Crossover thrash phenoms Municipal Waste have carved out a unique career for themselves through drinking beer, eating people's entrails in space, ripping faces, but most importantly creating some truly sick thrash music. Currently on a co-headlining tour with the legendary Napalm Death, we spoke to Municipal Waste guitarist Ryan Waste about some pressing social and philosophical issues … just kidding, we talked about thrashing and hurricane-induced yeast infections.

Municipal Waste described their music perfectly at their Connecticut show on Oct. 28: "There's a gigantic circular storm coming this way tonight, and it's called the circle pit to this next song." In a pre-hurricane interview, Ryan Waste talks about the band's music videos for 'The Fatal Feast' and 'Repossession,' his signature 'MW' guitars, adding the line "Municipal Waste is gonna f--- you up!" to the second recording of 'Born to Party' and much more.

Check out our triple-distilled, uncapped interview with Ryan Waste.

Municipal Waste's Ryan Waste Talks to Loudwire

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