Muse took us a bit by surprise this year with just how heavy some of the songs on their new album Will of the People are. In a new interview with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez, drummer Dominic Howard expressed how fun it is for them to perform their metal-leaning songs live, and named which of them is one of his favorites.

The rockers' first taste of Will of the People was the song "Won't Stand Down," which came out in January and was definitely a return to their heavier side. "Kill or Be Killed" came out a few months later and featured a death growl from frontman Matt Bellamy, and they even played a snippet of Slipknot's "Duality" during one of their festival performances over the summer as well.

While Howard couldn't settle on just one song that he finds the most fun to perform, he was especially enthusiastic about "Kill or Be Killed," especially because of the way their audiences responded to it throughout the summer.

"It's definitely on the heavier side of anything we've kind of touched on in recent years. I feel like it's matching the heaviness of 'Stockholm Syndrome.' For sure, it's quite metal-sounding, it's also vintage metal-sounding as well," the drummer explained.

"That's so fun to play. It's just one of those tracks that's got a lot of intensity... It was really fun to play across the summer and see like, circle pits developing to a song that they don't even know," he continued. "I love that, I actually saw a lot this summer. It was so cool just to be playing because we haven't played in two-and-a-half years. It was just amazing to see audiences enjoying that environment again."

Howard revealed that Muse have also been rehearsing "Liberation" and a couple of others, so we'll have to stay tuned and see which tracks are added to their set lists in the coming weeks. The band has a handful of U.S. shows scheduled throughout October, see them on the band's website.

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