We've got an awesome exclusive song premiere from hardcore band Mutoid Man. Featuring Converge drum master Ben Koller, Cave In frontman Stephen Brodsky and live sound engineer Nick Cageao on bass, this new track "1000 Mile Stare" will leave your face looking like you've opened the Ark of the Covenant.

Mutoid Man released their debut EP, Helium Head, back in 2013. Now, as the band promotes its first full-length album, Bleeder, Mutoid Man want to introduce you to "1000 Mile Stare."

Though "1000 Mile Stare" is just over two minutes long, it explores a huge range of sonic territory. It begins by mixing technical hardcore with bluesy guitar parts reminiscent of heavy metal's pioneers. The song also gets into straight-up punk before the Converge influence really takes over. Even then, blistering solos take front-and-center in a very different way than Converge approach their music.

"It's a song about being pissed that you can't get through to someone," says Brodsky. "Imagine trying to talk to one of those underwater corpses in the dead marshes from 'Return of the King.'" Cageao adds, "'1000 Mile Stare' is a heartboner-inducing nose breaker, with hooks that would make Kanye jealous." These men speak the truth!

Check out the premiere of Mutoid Man's "1000 Mile Stare" below. Bleeder is set for a June 30 release, and you can pre-order the album here.

Mutoid Man, "1000 Mile Stare"

Mutoid Man:

Mutoid Man
Photo: Mitchell Wojcik

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