It's officially baseball season, and if you're a rock fan who roots for the New York Yankees, you probably recognized the song they used in their hype video for opening day yesterday (March 30) — My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade." In a social media post, guitarist Frank Iero shared his reaction to the team using his band's song in the video.

My Chemical Romance were formed in northern New Jersey, making their two local baseball teams either the New York Yankees or the Mets. According to Iero's social media post, being a fan of the Yankees runs in his blood, so it was a special honor for his music to be featured in the video. The team played the San Francisco Giants yesterday, and won 5-0.

"Waking up to see the mighty N.Y. Yankees using 'Black Parade' in their opening day hype video was a dream come true!" Iero wrote in the caption for the photo, which he posted from Tokyo, Japan. "I have such amazing memories of going to games as a kid with my dad and my grandpa... and I can just feel my grandfather smiling down on me, proud as can be, shouting, 'Let's go Yanks!'"

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See his post, as well as the Yankees video, below.

My Chemical Romance just wrapped up a tour in Japan that started in mid-March. The run was the only set of shows that the band had booked for 2023 so far, and Iero wrote "the end" in the caption of another recent photo, so it's unclear whether they'll hit the road again this year or not. They spent almost the entire second half of 2022 touring, after playing a one-off reunion gig in late 2019.

Yankees 2023 Opening Day Hype Video Featuring My Chemical Romance's 'Welcome to the Black Parade'

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