Myles Kennedy has just released the next single from his Year of the Tiger solo album. “Haunted by Design” continues the bluesy, soulful and acoustic feel of the album’s title track.

The Alter Bridge / Slash frontman has been speaking about a potential solo album since 2009. Almost a decade later, Kennedy finally came through on the idea, with Year of the Tiger coming out March 9 via Napalm Records.

Kennedy released a lyric video for “Haunted by Design” earlier today (Jan. 19), but it’s clip features more than just words appearing on your screen. The animated clip shows a tortured male figure being stalked by death. The scenes play out in the man’s subconscious as Kennedy scores the nightmare.

Though Kennedy’s new music is a departure from his usual hard rock style, his instantly recognizable and multifarious voice guides the listener through lush, yet stripped down instrumentals. "Year of the Tiger definitely has much more of a blues-based vibe,” Kennedy says. “The instrumentation is certainly somewhat of a departure. I tried to veer away from any sort of high-gain wall of sound. There's plenty of resonator guitar, mandolin… there's even banjo, a lot of lap steel. So it's definitely different from what I've done."

Check out Myles Kennedy’s “Haunted by Design” above and click here to pre-order Year of the Tiger.

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