Myles Kennedy is one of the busiest rock frontmen, taking the vocal helm in both Alter Bridge and with Slash's solo band. With Alter Bridge's fifth studio album, The Last Hero, arriving in October of this year, the singer has his sights locked on another album as well: his first solo disc.

Speaking with Metal Insider about venturing off into solo territory, Kennedy discussed the differences in the writing approach compared to his efforts with Alter Bridge and Slash.

Expanding on the sound of the album, Kennedy said, "My goal there is to start to evolve that branch of what I do, because it’s a different approach. It’s more vocal focused. It’s not about riff-driven tracks. It’s more singer-songwriter based, and about the vocal performances and lyrics." He even expressed the desire to "strip down the touring approach" which he indicated may see him sitting onstage by himself with an acoustic guitar.

Reluctant to reveal which guests were featured on the debut solo record, Kennedy added, "It was just a real labor of love. It’s funny because I’ve started playing some of the tracks for people, and it’s very different in a lot of ways, but there’s definitely that thread of what I do that I try to bring to all the projects that I’ve been a part of. A lot of these songs I just knew wouldn’t fit in either the Alter Bridge world or Slash world and I enjoyed the songs so I wanted to document them."

Kennedy is currently on tour with Alter Bride, who are serving as the opening act on Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin's co-headlining summer jaunt. To see the remaining stops on the tour, head to our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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