Myrath's fifth album, Shehili, is almost upon us. The Tunisian outfit plays a cultural style of progressive metal, blending worldly elements into their unique sound. They've teamed up with Loudwire to bring you the video for the new song "Born to Survive," which can be viewed above.

Tribal and symphonic forces are woven into Myrath's rhythm-intensive style with dramatic, plodding vocal lines that convey a sense of tension and bombast. Despite its complexities, "Born to Survive" is easily digestible, delighting music nerds and novices alike.

"'Born to Survive' is a very special song for us. It's the first time we tried to incorporate tribal and guttural voices in a Myrath song," says singer Zaher Zorgati. "At the beginning, we didn't really know how the final result would sound, but we ended with something really heavy, special and fresh to anybody's ear. That's one of the reasons we needed to define a new music genre called 'Blazing Desert Metal.'"

"'Born to Survive' could be defined as a mix between a lot of African sonorities mixed with Rammstein-esque riffs and Andalusian influences, but I guess you need to listen to the song to actually believe it," the frontman continues. "We had the opportunity to play this song, headlining the legendary Carthage amphitheater in front of 7,000 people, and it's quite an achievement for us to see and feel the reactions of the crowd, especially regarding this song. This night has been one of the most magical in Myrath'a career. But believe me… it's just the beginning."

Shehili will be out May 3 on earMUSIC and you can pre-order the album here.

Myrath, Shehili Artwork + Track Listing


01. "Asl" (Intro)
02. "Born to Survive"
03. "You've Lost Yourself"
04. "Dance"
05. "Wicked Dice"
06. "Monster In My Closet"
07. "Lili Twil"
08. "No Holding Back"
09. "Stardust"
10. "Mersal"
11. "Darkness Arise"
12. "Shehili"

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