The Grammy awards are a touchy subject in rock and metal ever since the organization fumbled in 1989 and gave the award to Jethro Tull instead of Metallica for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance. Ghost, however, are not ones to conform and have been one of the most exciting bands in the industry over the last few years. They've been nominated for a Grammy for the song "Cirice" off their latest, 2015's Meliora. Sticking to non-conformity, a Nameless Ghoul has taken pride in their nomination.

"Being nominated for a Grammy is obviously a big honor for any band or artist — obviously, ourselves included," the masked figure stated to in the video above. Going on, he said, "Especially for us, as a Swedish band, it feels extra honoring, I guess. Especially us maneuvering in the rock genre, where traditionally it's usually British or American bands."

The anonymous figure revealed a surprising anecdote, continuing, "To my knowledge, we are the first Swedish rock band to ever be nominated for a Grammy, which is also the reason why when we got the news that we were nominated, I just got a text saying, 'You're nominated for a Grammy.' In Sweden, we have another prize called Grammis, which, internationally, is referred to as the Swedish Grammy." Humorously, he got the two mixed up when he received the news, detailing, "So when I got the text, I told my friend next to me that we were nominated for a Grammis. So it took like an hour later until I actually got it confirmed that they were actually talking about a Grammy, not a Grammis, which was a very mind-boggling experience."

The Nameless Ghoul is not all too concerned with taking home the award, remaining focused on the honor of being nominated, concluding, "So winning or not winning, just being nominated is a big honor, and for us it's definitely a sign of recognition that we can suck on for the rest of our lives." They have stiff competition, going up against Lamb of God, Slipknot and August Burns Red. Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has an opposite stance on the Grammys, exclaiming, "I don't f--cking have time for that s--t!"

Ghost released Meliora to wild fanfare, reaching No. 8 on the Billboard 200 chart in its debut week. The band puts on one of the most elaborate live shows, bringing a stage setup that closely resembles a church with stained glass and papal robes as they perform their unique brand of Satanic hymns using the church's songwriting tactics to draw in listeners. They'll be back on the road in the United States starting April 13 in Montclair, N.J. For a full list of dates, visit our 2016 Rock + Metal Tour Guide.

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