WWE's Bray Wyatt and metalcore act Code Orange have built quite the relationship over the years, with the band first producing the wrestler's entrance music back in 2019. As Wyatt made his emotional return to the Smackdown ring Friday night (Oct. 14) for the first time in a year, he had a new theme to walk out to, again courtesy of the Pittsburgh band.

Hearing just the snippet of the new song sent social media into a tizzy. "Code Orange I NEED THIS THEME NEEEOW," wrote one person on Twitter. "GIVE TO ME RIGHT NOW," wrote another.

When prompted about more details surrounding the track, Code Orange divulged on Twitter that the song is called "Shatter." Though there's no information yet on an official release for the song beyond its TV debut, which was likely seen by 2 million people, according to data from Forbes regarding WWE Smackdown's average weekly viewership.

Wyatt's return to the ring Friday night was his first time since July 2021 and it was a heart-tugging moment. Rather than come out as his latest character The Fiend, Wyatt appeared maskless and shared a more human side of himself, though still carrying his signature lantern.

He explained about his absence, "I lost my career, I lost two people who were very, very close to me, and I lost my way. I got to a point where I thought that everything that I'd ever done here was all meaningless, that nothing I ever did has mattered to anyone. And I was wrong.”

He added, "I am incredibly grateful. I’m really, really nervous to be here. I never thought this would happen. This right here, this is just me OK? This is a version of me I never got to introduce to you guys before. This is just me being me – genuine me – for the first time."

He also thanked the fans for "saving my life."

Code Orange apparently picked up some new followers out of the WWE song showcase, as they posted a link to their merch store on Twitter for anyone "just joining us…" and adding, "buy some shit and we'll drop it," likely referring to releasing "Shatter."

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