Typically when a song leaks, it's pretty easy to find on the Internet. But that's not the case with the recently hyped up Guns N' Roses song "Perhaps," which some fans revealed they got a listen to over the weekend when the song turned up on TouchTunes machines at bars and other locations in the U.S.

Per fan reports on social media, the new Guns N' Roses song "Perhaps" was populating on machines in the catalog of music that fans could choose from. Included was single cover artwork and it came with attribution to the band's record label, Geffen Records.

This comes as buzz about a potential new Guns N' Roses track has been growing. Just last month, a Guns N' Roses stage tech confirmed that the band had new music coming, and speculation last week was that "Perhaps" would arrive last Friday after a social media tease from Universal Music suggested an August 11 pre-save date. But Friday came and went without new music. But, as shared by some fans on social media, the song appears to have accidentally leaked through the TouchTones machines as of Saturday (Aug. 12).

It's not clear if the song remains available on the TouchTunes machines, but some fans apparently got an early taste of the studio version of the song.

Like, "Absurd" and "Hard Skool" before it, "Perhaps" is another song to come from the Chinese Democracy era that was never committed to record. Buzz surrounding the song started to peak back in June when the band could clearly be heard soundchecking the song in Tel Aviv. Since that time, fans have been patiently waiting for the group to add the song to their setlist, but as of yet, the track has not arrived.

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While we wait for the official release of "Perhaps," fans may want to take note that the band has dates lined up this week in East Rutherford, New Jersey (Tues.) and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Fri.). With their two most recent song releases, the band has played the song live in concert first prior to releasing the new track after the show. All Guns N' Roses dates can be found here.

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