Welcome to Loudwire’s New Music Showcase! Each week we’re giving space to some up-and-coming acts to premiere their new music, whether it be music videos, lyric videos, songs or even album streams. The New Music Showcase runs on Thursdays and this week we’re checking out new videos from The Dose and Trigger the Rising, as well as giving you an exclusive stream of Hollow Bones' Lionheart album. Check it all out below.

The Dose, "Truth Lies Inside" - Video Premiere

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How much rockin' awesomeness can two guys generate? Quite a lot actually. Get your first look at the new video for "Truth Lies Inside" from Los Angeles musicians Indio Downey and Ralph Alexander, better known as The Dose.

The Kevin Ford-directed clip offers a mix of performance footage alongside interesting visuals of the duo enjoying the outdoors on a sunny SoCal day. Musically, you get a raw rocker of a song, starting off with understated percussion, forceful low end and some chunky guitar licks before Downey's Kurt Cobain-esque vocals kick in. Alexander's swagger-filled drumming along with Downey's riffing deliver an aggressive punch as the vocalist examines his sobriety in the lyrics, finding happiness coming from within.

"Making the video for 'Truth Lies Inside' was some of the most fun we've had as a band," explained Alexander. "We got to drive a '65 Corvette Stingray around Santa Monica while goofing around and hanging out. If there's one thing we wanted for this video -- it was to show us having fun, playing music and not taking life too seriously."

If you like what you hear, the band's self-titled EP is currently available via iTunes. And you can look for the band on tour at these stops.

Hollow Bones, Lionheart - Album Stream

Hollow Bones

It's time to turn it up and take it in. Hollow Bones are giving you an exclusive first listen to their new album Lionheart right here at Loudwire.

Singer Patrick Anthony says, “After more than a year, we are finally ready to give Lionheart to the world. It no longer belongs to us, it belongs to everyone. This album deals largely with the destructive nature of humanity as a whole, as well as the self-destructive nature of the individual."

He elaborates, "It deals with loss, and pain, and emotional turbulence, which we – as writers – have experienced. Through this album, we hope to connect with people who listen to it. We hope to aid in the healing process for the many people who may feel alone in their struggles as they themselves battle with loss, and pain, and emotional anguish. Music is therapy, and through that therapy, we can heal. Tell the people you love that you love them, and fight to keep them in your lives. All of our hearts went fully into the making of this album, and all that we ask is that if you enjoy it, please share it.”

The band has already released the single "Altruistic Lung," while the tracks "The November Diaries" and "Drytooth" have also received pre-albums previews. Hollow Bones' Lionheart album was mixed, mastered and engineered by Randy Pasquarella at Pasquarella Recordings and self-produced by the band with Pasquarella's assistance. The disc is available to pre-order via Amazon and iTunes, or you can get bundle packages at this location. And stay up to date with the band's touring here.

Hollow Bones, Lionheart Album Stream

Trigger the Rising, "FTW" - Video Premiere

Trigger the Rising

Get to know Trigger the Rising. The band is breaking on the scene with their new video for "FTW" right here at Loudwire. The Brian Cox-directed clip finds leader Jimmy Trigger walking the streets, crossing paths with assorted characters that challenge different aspects of his faith. All this plays out over an anthemic rocker of a song.

Jimmy Trigger, previously best known for his work in We Are the Riot, tells us, "'FTW' is about accepting your past mistakes, Learning and trying to move on. Avoiding all temptation that keeps you trapped mentally, physically or spiritually. It is about rising up against yourself, it's a call to those who need to...Trigger The Rising!!!"

The band is currently working on their debut album with producer Logan Mader. The disc is expected in September of this year, but while the album is not available as of yet, you can pick up the song at iTunes. And keep a lookout for Trigger the Rising on tour. Stay up to date with their live shows here.

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