Ever since word got out that Dave Grohl has been working on a documentary on the legendary ‘Sound City’ studio, there’s been an air of mystery surrounding it. Grohl continues to throw fans bones here and there whether it's in the form of a hand written note, a fan hotline or most recently a new one minute long trailer for the film.

From what's been revealed so far, the documentary recalls the storied history of the now defunct studio throughout its tenure including interviews with the legendary artists that recorded classic albums there from Nirvana to Rage Against the Machine and Fleetwood Mac.

According to the short clip, Dave Grohl was not the only one that fell in love with recording at Sound City, several artists and producers check in to talk about the unique sounds they achieved by working there. It kicks off with Tom Petty reminiscing about the studio, and in particular the impressive sound board.

Trent Reznor also makes an appearance, reflecting on recording there with Nine Inch Nails, saying, “There’s just something about the unique sound that my ear has always been in tune to.”

The documentary will also feature a soundtrack highlighting an all-star cast of killer collaborations assembled by Grohl from Rick Springfield to Corey Taylor.

While an official release date for the documentary has still not been revealed, a new website for the documentary has made its debut. Head over to the site and slide the fader button to access new features.

Watch the New Trailer For the 'Sound City' Documentary

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