Mike Portnoy is known as one of the world's leading drummers, leaving high expectations for his son, Max, who sits behind the kit in Next to None. So, is he a chip off the old block? The music video for "The Apple" seems to indicate he is!

An apple dangles from a tree branch, opening up the video as Max demonstrates his more than capable chops with a frenetic spotlight drum fill to kick the song off. "The Apple" takes on a djenty sound with undulating, downtuned rhythms accented by turntable scratching. Brutality is unleashed in the form of multi-tracked vocals, exploring bowel-churning growls before transitioning into a gleaming, clean-sung chorus.

“Our new album incorporates many different styles from metal to prog. 'The Apple' shows the heavier side of the band while still having a melodic chorus," Next to None stated as a collective. With a diverse sound, they can fit on a variety of different bills and recently wrapped up their first-ever European tour with labelmates Haken, who have been gathering considerable buzz around their sometimes quirky, but brilliant brand of progressive metal.

With dates booked in June and early July, Next to None will share the road with Mike Portnoy as the legend has a series of dates booked with Shattered Fortress, the name he's given to the lineup that was assembled to perform Dream Theater's "12 Step-Suite." Portnoy has insisted that Shattered Fortress is an "event," not a new band or project.

Next to None's sophomore record, Phases, will be released on July 7 through EMP Label Group (North America), which is headed up by Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, and InsideOut Music (Europe). Pre-orders for the album can be placed here where fans can explore both physical and digital options.

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