Nickelback are gearing up for their NHL Awards return and their first performance on the NHL's Las Vegas Stage since the awards moved to Sin City in 2009. The band's performance at the awards show 10 years ago was a moment that helped launch the group into becoming one of the best selling performers over the last decade.

The band members recently touched on the feeling of hearing their voices and music being performed at sports venues, saying it is quite a cool accomplishment and one that makes their family members beyond proud.

"At the time, I didn't think, 'Hey, this would be really cool for sports venues,'" the band's frontman Chad Kroeger says of hearing their recent single 'This Means War' during the Stanley Cup finals. "It was cool. We tuned the guitars down really, really low, and that song just turned into a locomotive. It was just a train you couldn't stop. To marry the [song together with hockey] was really cool."

To continue the hockey love, the band will perform the tune live on the NHL Awards tomorrow (June 20).

"As die-hard hockey fans, we can never get enough of the NHL, even when we're on tour," adds Kroeger. "And there is nothing more exciting for hockey fans than the Playoffs. The NHL Awards is the culmination of celebrating the best players and moments the season has produced. We're honored and humbled to perform at the 2012 NHL Awards in Las Vegas."

Nickelback's performance is part of a strategic promotional alliance between the NHL and the band. The partnership also calls for the integration of Nickelback's music into highlight reels and promotion of the NHL on Nickelback's digital and social media platforms.