Nik Nocturnal has done it again. After successfully creating his own "Slipknot" song last month, the YouTuber recently returned with a "Lorna Shore" track titled "Pain." For anyone looking to follow in his footsteps and write their own Lorna Shore-inspired track, he also filmed a step-by-step tutorial on how he did it.

It all started when Nocturnal posted a short video titled "How to Lorna Shore in 30 Seconds," which is part of an ongoing series of his, about two weeks ago. The response to the video was so positive, he had no choice but to expand upon it in a longer YouTube video.

The accompanying YouTube video, aptly titled "We made a Lorna Shore song," sees Nocturnal walking viewers through his thoughtproccess while creating the riffs, bass and drum parts. He also recruited Infant Annihilator vocalist Dickie Allen to teach "Lorna Shore Vocals 101," including banshee high screams, the iconic snarl and a sort of bird screech that cannot quite be described accurately with words alone.

Once all of the tutorials were finished, Nocturnal and Allen performed "Pain" — and it's actually really good. One commenter wrote, "Bro accidentally wrote the best song of 2023. This fucking slams!!! Nik's ability to match so many artists' styles so well is incredibly impressive. I don't think most people realize how much talent that alone actually takes." Check out the full video below, and stream "Pain" on Spotify or other major streaming platforms.

Nik Nocturnal Creates 'Lorna Shore' Song 'Pain' with Dickie Allen

If you're interested in seeing the real Lorna Shore perform live, they're currently on tour in the U.S. Make sure to grab your tickets here — maybe they'll even play "Pain."

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