The film adaptation of the Motley Crue tell-all 'The Dirt' is still in the planning stages but bassist Nikki Sixx is already betting on an Oscar win.

There is no denying that the debauchery and decadence contained in the pages of Motley Crue's autobiography 'The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band' is the stuff of rock legends. From snorting fire ants with Ozzy Osbourne to fast cars and fast women, it's an uncompromising look at the best and worst times shared by the L.A. rock quartet.

With the film adaptation currently in pre-production, the anticipation for the long-awaited project is beginning to build. Nikki Sixx added some fuel to the fire by making a large prediction about the planned 2013 release during last night's broadcast of the Oscars via Twitter:



Unless 'The Dirt' is going to be a silent film shot in black and white -- scoring an Oscar is anything but predictable. 'The Dirt' has yet to announce any casting choices, but Mick Mars recently told Ultimate Classic Rock, "We’ve got the right producers, the right director."

Motley Crue just finished their residency at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and are planning to record a new album that will coincide with the release of 'The Dirt.' They recently hit the studio to lay down a new song.