Nine Inch Nails closed out their three-night Las Vegas residency with two noteworthy inclusions in their set. The industrial legends debuted a new track "Ahead of Ourselves" (seen above) and performed a cover of Joy Division's "Digital" (video below).

"So we've got a new album coming out next week and we're gonna punish you by playing a couple songs from it right now," Trent Reznor told the crowd. The new song comes off the band's forthcoming full length, Bad Witch. It's centered around a lunging breakbeat with synths that either fuel the energy or temper it before explosive moments and melodic lead breaks stand out among the song's more rigid, mechanical elements.

While Bad Witch is a six-track release clocking in at just over a half hour, itfull-lengtheing considered a full-length album rather than an EP as some fans had suspected. One forum user was irked, which drew the attention of Reznor. He responded, citing the current music streaming model as the impetus for categorizing Bad Witch as a full length because EPs "get lost easier." Then he told the user to "suck my entire cock."

Nine Inch Nails will be on the road in the U.S. in September with dates scattered through December. Head here to see the list of stops. Bad Witch drops June 22 and you can hear another new song, "God Break Down the Door" here.

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