NOFX are on their way back with their thirteenth studio album, a new disc titled First Ditch Effort. The band will release the album via their Fat Wreck Chords label on Oct. 7.

The 13-track effort features the band's high energy punk sounds, but fans of the band can see an influence from recent events turning up in the music. Along with the announcement of the album comes a new video titled "Six Years on Dope," which references some of the substance abuse issues that band members have had over the years.

Just this past spring, frontman Fat Mike spent time in a detox facility being treated from drug and alcohol abuse. As documented in NOFX’s Backstage Passport show and the band’s new memoir, The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories, Mike’s regimented substance use often involved alcohol, painkillers and cocaine while on tour.

The track itself is a quick-hitting song clocking in at under two minutes that features Fat Mike and guitarist Eric Melvin discussing past issues during their hedonistic years.

Be sure to check out the track listing and artwork for NOFX's First Ditch Effort below.

NOFX, First Ditch Effort Track Listing

1. "Six Years on Dope"
2. "Happy Father’s Day"
3. "Sid and Nancy"
4. "California Drought"
5. "Oxy Moronic"
6. "I Don’t Like Me Anymore"
7. "I’m A Transvest-lite"
8. "Ditch Effort"
9. "Dead Beat Mom"
10. "Bye Bye Biopsy Girl"
11. "It Ain’t Lonely at the Bottom"
12. "I’m So Sorry Tony"
13. "Generation Z"

NOFX, First Ditch Effort Artwork

Fat Wreck Chords

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