The votes are in! It was a close battle for the most anticipated new release of July, but Loudwire's readers have chosen Nonpoint's The Poison Red as the July 2016 Release of the Month. The album faced stiff competition from 9Electric's The Damaged Ones, 3 Pill Morning's Never Look Back and James Durbin's Riot on Sunset, which each received significant voting tallies.

Nonpoint's disc is already off to a hot start thanks to the single, "Generation Idiot" (watch video below). When the single was initially released, frontman Elias Soriano stated, “Over the past five years, I began to notice people, myself included, getting lost in a few of the simple things – life, art, passions. Everything became a reality TV blog with pictures and comments, likes and dislikes, online bullies and online tough guys. And no one is talking anymore. Everything is texts, emails, replies and denies. They’re all anchors. They all suck the life out of life. It creates zombies with unhinged appetites. It’s a real zombie apocalypse and, motherf–ker, I’m grabbing a machete and a shotgun.”

Soriano also stated, “This record tells a lot of stories. Going from guts to glory. Chasing impossible dreams down the rabbit hole. Harsh and honest words with consequences attached. Uncovered rules for the weak, made by the wicked and heartless.  Recalling fight or flight moments with a deep breath. And it all starts with a warning to all the world’s generations past, present and future to look up, look forward and live their lives loose from social media shackles, online bullying, the devaluation of art and music, and to not be absorbed by the dramatic, megalomaniacal side of politics. Life is right outside of your phone and newsfeed. Go live it and play this record while you do. It’ll all start to make sense.”

The vocalist credits the additions of newer guitarists B.C. Kochmit and Rasheed Thomas for helping to take things to another level. He told us earlier this year, "We’ve been chasing B.C. for seven years now trying to get him in the band — on guitars do a lot for songwriting, for me especially. Hearing guitar riffs that you know are going to make an impact on people gets you excited to sing over top of or when I come with a vocal and it comes back with a guitar riff I never would have thought of but I adore — there was a lot of that on this record. There was a lot of good kind of struggle where disagreements for months on one thing in a song really came together at the end."

He went on to add, "B.C. has taken us to a new level and having Rasheed [Thomas] in the band and having another voice and the fact that all three of us can sing together, it’s going to be pretty insane."

In advance of the album, the band also released the songs "El Diablo" and "Divided ... Conquer Them" as preview tracks. If you like what you hear, the album will be released on July 8 through Spinefarm Records. It's currently available to pre-order via Amazon and iTunes. You can also pre-order the effort in a variety of merch bundle options here.

Nonpoint are currently touring in support of The Poison Red. Dates are currently booked into early September. See where they're playing here.

Once again, our congrats to Nonpoint, as The Poison Red has been voted as the Loudwire July 2016 Release of the Month.

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