Death metal stalwarts Obituary have just released their 10th studio album, titled Obituary, and in celebration they have a new animated music video for "Ten Thousand Ways to Die" that's as hilarious as it is awesome.

Opening on a lighthearted note, the band waits outside a venue where they're scheduled to play the following day and learn that Florida speed metallers Nasty Savage are playing that night. Getting in with the help of "Big Daddy," they find other Florida metal icons like Deicide's Glen Benton.

As the show continues, the audience and band suddenly vanish and the members of Obituary turn around to discover a horde of flesh-starved zombies. Doing all they can to stay alive while fending off the undead, they find a hot rod shop and plan their getaway, but the only vehicle in the garage is a motorized scooter. Piling on top of each other, they speed away, but crash and have to flee on foot.

They get a boost from a cloud-born Lemmy Kilmister who rains lightning bolts on Obituary, which give them the power of death metal with a full gear setup on a flatbed truck, using their instruments as weapons. So that's why they call guitars "axes," huh? There's some more surprises in here, but we're not going to spoil it all for you, so watch it all in the video at the top of the page.

"We are so stoked about the new 'Ten Thousand Ways to Die' video. We knew even while making the 'Violence' video from the Inked In Blood release that there would be a continuation video to follow," said the band in a collective statement. "It just goes to show once again that this band is not afraid to have a good time and laugh at ourselves. Balázs is an amazing artist and captured the band's characters and personalities perfectly in both videos and we are so excited to get the reaction from the Obituary fans."

Now that you've heard "Ten Thousand Ways to Die," check out the rest of Obituary's self-titled album at their Bandcamp page and place your order for a physical copy at the Relapse Records webstore.

Obituary are providing direct support for Kreator alongside Midnight and Horrendous on the "Decibel Magazine Tour" which kicks off tonight (March 17). See the full list of upcoming stops at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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