GWAR frontman and super alien warlord Oderus Urungus was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show this past weekend. The 43 billion year old monster talked all about the new horror sitcom he’s in with Dee Snider called ‘Holliston,’ as well as touring in order to survive and much more. If you missed Jackie’s show, check out her interview with Oderus Urungus of GWAR below:

It’s great to have you back on the show, it’s good to hear your voice. We’ve missed you. We’ve obviously loved the Mad Minutes each and every week. When you want to hear them again, and I know that you do, you can go to and you can listen to all of them. We’ve got them all archived there, so thank you for being part of the show.

Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. Whoever would have thought of all the spokesmen of metal that it would be the one from outer space that would be delivering some of the more rational and down to earth kind of sentiments? I’m helping people Jackie, these rants are really helpful -- especially to mental patients [who] I understand are very very big followers of the show, misfits, freaks, tentacle creatures all kinds of things, werewolves.

Werewolves, I have a lot of werewolves listening to the show I can tell you that.

A lot of werewolves love your show Jackie, they appreciate the extra work you do -- reaching out to the werewolf community. The werewolf community has been misrepresented by that f---ing show ‘True Blood;’ who makes them all biker werewolves? C’mon, haven’t we seen that enough? Some French Creole biker werewolf -- it’s just so stupid!

I do want to talk about this new show of yours, FEARnets new original series ‘Holliston’.

FEARnet's got a sitcom coming out here directed by Adam Green, whose done movies like ‘Frozen’ and ‘Hatchet’ and he’s got a twisted little brain. He’s completely out of his mind. He’s got me and Dee Snider talked into being in this sitcom slash slasher com? I don’t know what you call it. All I know is that I’m appearing as the main character’s imaginary friend. Now, I don’t really know if that’s the starring role or not, but they assured me I was starring in it -- but I don’t think that’s really true. I don’t know if you remember the show, I’m betraying my age here, but I’m kind of the equivalent of the character on ‘Rhoda’ of Carlton the doorman, if anyone remembers him.

I have read that your character is described as the exact opposite of what a guardian angel should be.

I would hope. Yeah, that sounds good. I would hope that’s what’s comin’ across here. I give him terrible advice. I’m trying to get something going on the show here, you know?

Dee Snider is also part of the show. Oderus Urungus and Dee Snider -- you can’t help but imagine the chaos. Tell us more of the premise and some of your roles in these episodes.

Well, it’s about these two lovable schlubs Adam and Joe and they’ve got a late night horror movie cable access TV show. Dee comes into the picture -- he plays Lance Rocket, the questionable sexed, lead singer of a local Van Halen cover band -- and we’re not really sure if his character is gay or not so [there is] a lot of uncomfortable gay humor there, with Dee Snider. Yeah, really uncomfortable with a really awkward laugh track. I don’t even know if that part’s funny so much it’s just kind of disturbing.

Then you’ve got Adam and his friend Joe running around trying to get laid, and Adam’s character is particularly pathetic. I mean Joe is bad enough, he washes out his rubbers and reuses them, but Adam just walks around crying and then he goes into the shower and stares at himself and cuts himself with a straight razor while screaming, “I’m no good at sex, I’m no good at sex.” Then I come out of the closet literally and slap him around a little bit and tell him to get a hooker -- and that’s a typical episode. There’s hot chicks Corri English and Laura Ortiz -- two young actresses that I get gigantic boners for. Corri English has even dropped some pretty sexy tweets on me, she says she really likes these fishnets of mine. Oderus, a sex symbol, I can see it.

Who’s the better actor you or Dee?

Well he is a consummate professional and he’s a man’s man. He’s an every man’s man’s man -- something or the other. He’s got radio shows, he’s got movies, he’s the 'Celebrity Apprentice' and he’s also sold millions of records. So I’m not going to sit here and say anything to piss him off, even if I am Oderus Urungus God damn it. I’ve got a lot of respect for Dee and to be on the same show with him, quite frankly, is an honor and a privilege. I just sit there in the bathroom and stare at my face and weep tears of joy basically. I would have to say despite all that, I’m a way better actor that Dee Snider. I mean c’mon, I’m Oderus Urungus.

The show is about young filmmakers struggling to make a low budget film.

Oh that’s right, I forgot that part. That’s part of it too!

Having said that, going back to the beginning of GWAR, how much does that starving artist scenario resonate with you and your own ideas as you had about making a movie?

Well, I suppose it does to a certain extent in the misery that we’ve inflicted upon our followers. The people that we have forced to build our hulking war machines and scrap equated brain matter off of my armored war suit -- it can be a living hell. One of the few things they ever did to get out of it was a desperate attempt at getting laid after the show when GWAR cleared out. Some chicks had hid under the corpses of their dead friends, desperate attempts at romance were made, and then GWAR would be there again with the bat shaped helicopter and the whirling knives. So I didn’t really feel sorry for them at all. In fact, it makes me laugh when I think about all the pain I inflicted on them.

GWAR’s back on tour, but it seems like GWAR is always on tour. What is it about that environment that’s a comfort zone for you?

Well, basically unless we stay mobile, our enemies find us and then we have to fight for our lives a lot more. We find with various cyborgs attacking us at every move, it’s much better to present a moving target. When we sit in one place like the GWAR temple for too long, the armies of the world and our super powered advisories will mask around us and attack us all at once. That can really suck, that’s how the GWAR temple was destroyed I think two or three records ago and we really haven’t rebuilt it since. All the fans went down to Antarctica and they built a new temple for us but it wasn’t very good. In fact, I put the key in the lock of the front door and the whole thing fell over. Thank God it fell over onto them.

Sounds like it’s tough being in GWAR.

It can have its ups and downs, but the perks far outway any negative. Granted I might have to live on the run; the life of a pirate if you will, but I pretty much get to do whatever I want whenever I want to -- except of course star in that show. They told me I was starring in that show.

But you’re a pirate and pirates are really cool.

Ahoy there Lassie, miss matey! Yes, pirates are so cool that a few years ago Metal Blade kind of adopted a piratey logo because they’re pirates of metal.

It was either going to be a pirate or ninja because it doesn’t get much cooler than either one of those things right?

I’m glad they didn’t go with the ninja thing. I would back whatever they did. Metal Blade’s been GWAR’s home now for many years and they’ve been absolutely great and we love them so much. [Cries] All of the things that have happened to GWAR -- it’s been exposed, it has happened and it’s very embarrassing that GWAR actually does have some feelings. They’re tiny, they’re microscopic, they’re almost non-existent but they are in there somewhere.

Oderus, always a pleasure. You’re welcome on the show any time that you want and I appreciate all that you do [come on].

Well you’ve been a fine supporter and somehow you’ve cheated death all these years. When you do find yourself getting on the dark side at 80 and you need some kind of injection, I’m sure I've got something down here in the lab that can unnaturally extend your life [by] hundreds of years. So when you’re ready for that, you just let me know.

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