Sharon Osbourne recently partook in her first interview since her exit from CBS' The Talk earlier this year, and during the chat, she revealed that people threatened to cut the throats of her family, and that she had to receive months of ketamine therapy as a result of it all.

"It was as if I had gone in there with a machine gun and threatened to kill somebody," Osbourne recalled of the drama to Daily Mail.

The controversy all began back in March when Osbourne got into a heated debate with her The Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood, and defended her friend Piers Morgan, who had been accused of making racist remarks about Meghan Markle.

"It was a freedom of speech matter — it was pure freedom of speech," Osbourne assured. "A journalist friend of mine who wrote something that people didn't like. The crazies out there go, 'You must be racist.' It's like, come on."

Then, accusations began rolling in from other crew members of the show that Osbourne had made racist comments on the set herself. However, she firmly believes that it was all a setup, and that she felt completely betrayed by her colleagues.

"So you say something wrong — you're not threatening somebody — but you say something wrong, you're out. You are out," she said.

Thus, Osbourne left the show, and admitted how difficult it was for her in the beginning because she was embarrassed that people thought she was a racist. But then, she and her family started receiving death threats.

"'Kill her, crucify her.' They were gonna [go after] the family, they were gonna come at night with knives, cut all our throats and the animals," she detailed of the messages she was sent. "We had to have 24-hour guards."

She further explained that she developed psychological trauma from the event and the threats — particularly a fear of being outside of her home.

"I also went through therapy. I went through three months of therapy. I had ketamine treatment," she recalled. "I got it all out, and all the tears and everything that I felt — all of that, it's gone."

Fortunately, as Osbourne continues moving forward from the events of this year, she is looking forward to a new movie that is being made about her and Ozzy Osbourne's relationship, which will cover all of the ups and the downs.

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