Otep are readying the release of their seventh album, Generation Doom, and have unleashed the first taste of new music with an exclusive song premiere at Loudwire. The self-described "heavy mental rock" outfit have served up "Lords of War," a no-frills, savage track that runs the gamut of emotions from reflective to anthemic, beating its chest decrying herd mentality and being the master of your domain.

"Lords of War" opens with a barren bass melody, setting the mood for the next five minutes. Frontwoman Otep Shamaya comes in with a spoken word segment, carrying a bit of a rap swagger in her voice and her intentionally choppy vocal delivery. The chorus puts an abrupt end to the hazy atmosphere with a catchy and bouncy, pit-inducing throwdown. Double kick drums increase the energy as Shamaya barks "Lords! Of! War!" across the infectious rhythm.

Always speaking in mysterious overtones, Shamaya exclaimed her excitement about Generation Doom, stating, “For this album, I unleashed my soul and allowed it to soar freely. I communed with the moon in the chrome of its light. I kissed the sun at its fiery height. I waged war with the Nightmare Kings, I sinned with the opalescent women in the roaring seas of poetry. On a cycloptic mare, hooves made of iron and air, I charged into the inky heart of art and roared at the old gods in the ashes of their ruin.”

Generation Doom is out April 15 on Napalm Records. Pre-orders can be placed here.

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