Ozzy Osbourne has collaborated with some of metals most legendary guitarists. From the immortal Tony Iommi in Black Sabbath to Randy Rhoads and Steve Vai in Ozzy's solo work, Osbourne has always demanded the world's greatest shredders. The latest man to fill the coveted position is Firewind guitarist Gus G., who Ultimate Classic Rock recently spoke to about sharing the stage with Ozzy.

Gus G. recently took the role of Ozzy's lead guitarist after the "Prince of Darkness" felt that previous axe-man Zakk Wylde made Osbourne's music sound too much like Wylde's other project, Black Label Society. Gus went on to lay down the guitar for Osbourne's 10th solo album, 'Scream,' and Firewind's sixth full-length, 'Days of Defiance.' "I haven't really changed my style that much," stated Gus to Ultimate Classic Rock about playing with both bands.

When asked whether he was able to spot any Ozzy fans showing up at Firewind shows, Gus stated, "Well, only if they’re wearing an Ozzy shirt. It’s not like it’s been tons of Ozzy fans coming out, but there’s been a few at every show … I hope to see as many fans as possible out at these shows, and I’m sure they won’t be disappointed!"

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