With the recent release of his new book ‘Trust Me, I’m Dr. Ozzy: Advice From Rock’s Ultimate Survivor,’ Ozzy Osbourne has been fielding a lot of questions. In a new interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, he was asked about everything from his new book, to reality TV to the rumored Black Sabbath reunion.

Regarding his book, Osbourne admits that a lot of it comes down to basic common sense. He recounted one of the most ridiculous questions he answered was one from a gentleman who asked, “My wife and I used to have sex six times a week and I’m a bit worried because it’s gone down to four times a week and I’m worried she’s getting a little bored of me. I’m 65-years-of-age.” Ozzy’s responded as only he could in true Dr. Ozzy fashion, “I wrote back and said, “Hey, stop f---ing complaining!” Four times a week at 65, come on man, you’ve got to know how good a deal you’ve got.”

On his foray into reality TV with his 2002–2005 groundbreaking show ‘The Osbournes’ that chronicled his daily life with his family on MTV, Osbourne had this to say, “That TV show was an experiment that went beyond anybody’s expectations. And I can honestly tell you it was 100 percent real. It wasn’t like, “OK, come here and fall down the stairs and pretend you’ve killed yourself.”

While Osbourne wasn’t as forthcoming with any details about a possible Sabbath reunion, he did end things on a positive note that should leave fans hopeful: “I’m not saying too much about it. Because we’re just at the gates but it’s a good possibility.”

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