Ozzy Osbourne is concerned for his son Jack, who recently announced he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. But after a scare of his own, the rocker says he wants his son to get a second opinion.

Ozzy says in an upcoming edition of Hello! magazine (via the Toronto Sun), "I want Jack to go for a second opinion as I was misdiagnosed with MS a few years ago - it took them six months to work out that I have a rare hereditary tremor, called Parkin Syndrome." Ozzy adds that given his own history, he would encourage Jack to make absolutely sure before starting treatment.

Jack told the magazine, "Mum took it quite hard. My uncle on her side has MS and, the way my mum is, she thinks that somehow it's her fault. Both my parents were handling it way worse than I was. They were pretty shaken up about the whole thing."

The younger Osbourne says in a new article for People magazine that he realized something was wrong when he first started having visual issues. "I couldn't see anything in front of me," says Osbourne, who says he's experienced 80 percent vision loss in his right eye. Jack says that with a healthier diet, treatment, and a positive outlook he's hoping things will improve.

Ozzy says, "He's handled it much better than I would have. He's a very strong kid."

Jack is making the rounds to discuss his diagnosis, joining his mother today (June 20) on CBS' 'The Talk' and later appearing on Piers Morgan's CNN program.

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