A man in Canada who had his hard rock and heavy metal music collection stolen had his spirits lifted by Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde. Pizza deliveryman Josh Cook, of St. John's, Newfoundland was dropping off an order at a home during a snowstorm last January when thieves took his idling vehicle. The car was returned to the same spot the following night - sans his CD collection.

"The hazard lights were on, there was no keys and they left one CD in the car," he told CBC News at the time. "It was a good one too, a copy of Pride and Glory, early Zakk Wylde album, really good album actually."

The car was damaged beyond repair and Cook says he didn't receive much for it from his insurance company, who ended up cancelling his policy, deeming him a high risk. He fixed up another car and landed a different insurance company, but they stipulated he not use the vehicle to deliver pizzas. Then, the blows were unexpectedly softened.

"After everything, somehow Zakk Wylde's son got word of what happened," he tells CBC News. Cook then provided his mailing information to the guitarist's publicist, who shipped out a huge box of Black Label Society music and merchandise. The surprise didn't end there though. A few days later, another package arrived, in which Cook found Osbourne's entire solo discography, his albums with Black Sabbath and a bunch of Ozzy swag - including a personalized, autographed picture from the Prince of Darkness.

"These guys, they don't know who I am," Cook says. "But they set me up with all this stuff. It's amazing."

Cook is back to delivering pizzas, and hopefully he'll stay away from the address where the car was originally stolen. According to reports, there have been a staggering 112 calls in the past three years to the police regarding incidents at the home where his vehicle was swiped, including attempted murder, a home invasion, a shooting, a domestic assault and a stabbing.

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