Ozzy, Sharon and Jack Osbourne are set to return to the TV landscape next month with a new Travel Channel series based on paranormal activity. The series, titled The Osbournes Wants to Believe, will premiere on Sunday, Aug. 2 at 10PM ET.

According to Variety, the premise of the series has son Jack Osbourne trying to convince his parents on the veracity of shocking videos of alleged paranormal activity. In the series premiere episode, Jack shows Sharon and Ozzy video footage of poltergeists, haunted dolls, UFOs and unidentifiable beasts.

“We see if I can poke at my parents over such things as ghosts and UFOs," says Jack. He added that with the current pandemic, it's given him more time to spend with his parents, who decided to take part in the project from their home. Sister Kelly Osbourne will not be part of the series, keeping it from being a full-on reunion from the family's MTV reality show days.

Given Ozzy and Sharon's often very frank and candid nature, the responses are bound to be one of the more interesting parts of the series, as Jack's parents critique each of the videos.

Jack says that paranormal activity has always been an interest for him, and he's looking forward to exploring it further on the show. “I was a big X-Files fan – the biggest nerd ever. I read all the books, watched all the episodes. And so, for me, as a kid, it was like a nerdy hobby – the paranormal, and UFOs and ghosts,” says Osbourne.

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