P.O.D. are in the midst of a U.S. tour and soon fans will be hearing some new music from the band, as well. During an appearance on KFMX's The Midday Meltdown with host Rooster, guitarist Marcos Curiel revealed the album title for the band's next album and their tentative release plans.

The guitarist told the Lubbock, Texas, station (94.5 FM) that the band was thrilled to be back in the area for the station's 34th annual Birthday Bash and that some new music was on the way. "We're going to be playing some new tunes off our upcoming record, which is slated to come out in August," says Curiel. "I think the first single's gonna drop in May from what I've been told and the record's called The Awakening."

He adds, "I hope because we like it that we're gonna be making a connection again and the first single's definitely got that element [that's part of our sound]."

During a recent chat with Loudwire, frontman Sonny Sandoval stated, "We've been all over the place because we are punk, hardcore, rock 'n' roll, metal, reggae and I think sometimes it might be too much diversity and kids are lost. It's too big of a buffet for them to go for and they want three chords sometimes. We're never going to do that. We're putting something together that tells a story. Maybe it's just for us, maybe it's not for your average listener, but it's something we're having a lot of fun doing. We're excited."

Catch P.O.D. wrapping up their North American run this week. The band will venture to the U.K. in May with Hoobastank and Alien Ant Farm before playing a pair of shows in Russia and returning to the U.S. this summer. See all their dates here.

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