Pantera want you to help them make a video for 'Piss,' the lost (and found) track featured on the upcoming deluxe edition of 'Vulgar Display of Power,' which is set to drop on May 15.

The band is seeking footage of fans rocking out and moshing to their favorite Pantera song. We know that there are so many quality tracks in the Cowboys From Hell's expansive and extensive catalog that make it nearly impossible to choose just one. But we recommend picking the song that really gets the adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Then, mosh as hard as you can and film it. Those who demonstrate their style the hardest will find themselves featured in the video. Do a wall of death, whip your hair in Figure 8s a la Tom Araya of Slayer and go nuts. The folks behind the contest suggest that you "headbang with your friends, climb the walls of your bedroom, skate around the parking lot where you hang out…however you listen to metal, do it for your iPhone, Android, Flipcam, Bloggie, etc and send it to us!"

You must be 18 to participate. The video should be one to two minutes long and you should stand right in front of the camera when filming. Go here to submit your footage and learn more details.

Good luck. May the mosh be with you.