Today (July 24) marks the 25th anniversary of Pantera's iconic release Cowboys From Hell. To celebrate the album, Loudwire Nights host Full Metal Jackie spoke with some of rock and metal's finest musicians to discuss the importance and awesomeness of Cowboys From Hell.

July 24, 1990, was a day that saw a dynamic shift in the metal landscape, as a hybrid of southern rock, aggressive metal and some of the heaviest grooves ever put to tape was released. It was such a reinvention of Pantera that fans affectionately refer to Cowboys From Hell as Pantera's debut album, though it was actually the band's fifth full-length release.

One artist interviewed for this video celebration is Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford, who famously gave the new incarnation of Pantera its first massive chance to dominate international stages. Slayer's Kerry King goes on to say that he knew Pantera was destined for greatness after hearing Cowboys From Hell, while Anthrax's Scott Ian recalls his mind being blown after hearing the album's title track for the first time at a Living Colour show.

In This Moment frontwoman Maria Brink goes as far as to say she felt like an empowered woman for the first time after hearing Cowboys From Hell before Korn guitarist Munky gives Dimebag Darrell credit for inspiring the grooves Korn would later craft to forge their own career.

For all these interviews along with testimonials from Slipknot members, Breaking Benjamin's Ben Burnley, Slash and more, watch our celebratory tribute to 'Cowboys From Hell' above!

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