Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix has seen the road plenty from his tour bus, but recently he's been getting a closer look as a long distance runner.

The singer just completed his first marathon as part of the 'Run It Forward' campaign, which raises funds for health care access, after school fitness programs and dental care. In a new video posted about his recent run, the singer is shown heading down the Missouri highway with long distance runner Jason Harper in support of the cause. The video is soundtracked by a stripped-down version of Papa Roach's hit single 'Lifeline.'

'Run It Forward' also has a program in which people from everyday life are joining the ultimate runners in completing a marathon distance of 26.2 miles a day over 18 days as they see the country on Route 66. For more information on the 'Run It Forward' campaign, visit the website online.

Charitable actions are nothing new for Shaddix, who united his band with the WhyHunger organization during the last album cycle and even showed up at shelters to serve food for others.

While Jacoby's been putting in the time to become a marathon runner, he's also put in the work on the band's next album. The group recently revealed they were eyeing a September release. You can catch Papa Roach back on the road this summer as part of the Rockstar Energy Uproar Tour.

Watch Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix 'Run It Forward' Marathon Video