Earlier today (Aug. 24), Papa Roach broke the unfortunate news that they had to drop off the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival due to frontman Jacoby Shaddix needing surgery stemming from a node on his vocal cords. As Shaddix gears up for the surgery and the realization that he won’t be able to sing for the next few months he checked in with Rolling Stone magazine to discuss his current state of mind.

Shaddix told Rolling Stone that he first started to notice the issue at the tail end of recording the band’s upcoming disc ‘The Connection’ saying that he would be “super hoarse” following a recording session and not able to talk the next day. “We were in the studio until a few days before we went out on the road and that's when it put a nail in it," explained Shaddix. “We went and did this run in June and I was like, "F---, what's going on with my voice? I'm not smoking cigarettes, I'm not f---ing partying, I'm f---ing the healthiest I've been and this pops up." I'm all freaked out.”

While the source of the nodule is still at large, Shaddix believes a lot of it has to do with the recent stresses in his life, saying, “I got clean and sober and I was getting my life together, then me and my wife split up and that just flipped my whole entire world upside down.” He continued, “I wasn't sleeping, I wasn't eating, I was wigging out. And all the while I was sober going through this sh--... and I was singing six, seven hours a day. That by itself can cause the issue that I have.”

Shaddix isn’t the first vocalist to go through this kind of thing, pop star Adele had similar issues and Shaddix has found inspiration in her comeback tale. “Oh yeah, somebody told me about that yesterday and I went and watched it as soon as I landed in L.A.,” said Shaddix about Adele’s Grammy performance. “Let me see this woman kill it, let me see that this woman's still got it and add that to the category of, "This sh-- is gonna work out." And, dude, did that woman just come back on fire.”

Given his spirit and perseverance Shaddix will likely follow in the fiery footsteps of Adele and be back on stage singing soon enough. Until then, fans will have to take in Uproar festival without Papa Roach but can look forward to their new disc due out in early October.

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