Precious or precocious? How about both!? When seeing Pearl Jam, it's impossible to notice that the band never ceases to smile, always appearing to have a genuinely incredible time onstage. The smiles don't stop when the lights go down as singer Eddie Vedder has put together a fun cover with his daughter Harper. He and his seven-year-old recorded a cover of the Batman TV theme song with the little one, heard below.

With the Batman vs. Superman film getting frequently panned, the dynamic duo bolstered fans' collective spirits on the SiriusXM Pearl Jam station. Vedder premiered the song on the channel and, although it is quite repetitive, it couldn't be more adorable. The classic theme song features tight drum fills and some warm, fuzzy guitar cords underneath the surf-rock lead. The little one's voice is multi-layered and hearing her nearly start laughing during the "na-na-na-na-na-na" section at the end will see even the most hardened mugs beam from ear to ear.

Vedder's charismatic spirit translates perfectly offstage as seen by this humorous collaboration. He routinely uses his platform to engage children in music, often giving back to the community. The singer recently performed at his former high school as part of a benefit show. Keeping his appearance under wraps as to not be a distraction from the focus of the event, Vedder sang a number of songs, including a cover of "Time" by Joe Jackson and Pearl Jam's "The Long Road."

Earlier this week, Pearl Jam canceled their show in North Carolina in protest of the recently passed HB2 legislation. The bill states that all transgender people must use the bathroom correspondent with the gender that is stated on their birth certificate rather to the one they currently identify with. Bruce Springsteen also canceled a concert in the state for the same reason.

Eddie and Harper Vedder, Batman Theme Song

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