October is heating up with the World Series right around the corner and the Chicago Cubs have a shot. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder has been one of the most prominent faces around the ballpark of late, as the relationship between the singer and his beloved Cubbies has been taking up a good portion of his time. Vedder recently celebrated the team's success after victories over the Pittsburgh Pirates and now the St. Louis Cardinals, and it has him rethinking Pearl Jam's tour plans.

Fox Sports Midwest, "It's a surprise. We're touring and I have to leave before the World Series. We go down to South America. All I'm saying is that, the next few years, we're not going to play in October. This year I didn't think I'd have to worry about it!" Check out his comments below:

The Cubs have not won a World Series title in 107 years, making this a tough time for the diehard fan, but he puts a positive spin on things, adding, "I hope we go to the World Series and I hope I miss the games. It'd be a good problem to have."

The Chicago team clinched a playoff series win at home for the first time since Wrigley Field became their residence exactly 100 years ago. Vedder was spotted basking in the moment with the team in the locker room following their 6-4 defeat of the St. Louis Cardinals in the fourth and final game of the series.

After the series clinching victory, Vedder was interviewed by Chicago's CBS 2 affiliate and stated, "They're really f'n good." He added, "I'm not the only one who's been around for a long time. Most of these people at Wrigley have been here for a long time and I'm thinking about the people who are not around anymore who never got a chance to experience this." The rocker also stated a song might be coming out of the experience, but instead of "someday" in the lyrics it will be in past tense about when they won. Check out the interview below:

Over the course of the season, Vedder has sung "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and was joined by a handful players during a benefit show in July.

Update: Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant has posted footage of Vedder singing the song "All the Way" he penned for Cubs in their post-game celebration. Watch in the Instagram post below.

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